Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Great results from Spanco Ltd....

Spanco Ltd has come out with stupendeous results.....
For the qr ended Dec 09 the np went up from 1.60 cr last year to 18.96 cr this year giving an eps of 6.78 for the qr.with topline going up from 170 cr to 378 cr.
Nine months topline is now at 813 cr and hence I can assume that for whole year it will cross 1000 cr very easily.....


  1. Hi Rajeev,
    So can I repeat my question?
    Can Spanco be a multi-bagger?
    With Regards,

  2. Viaks,
    Do you think I have to answer that aftre seeing today's result?

  3. Vikas,
    Seems u still don't understand what needs to be looked at.
    Spanco has grown 100% on topline as well as bottomline this year.
    If you have read and understand properly my post on Spanco Ltd, then u should have been able to understand that Spanco is now empanelled along with Patni, Accenture, TCS, WIPRO etc..for government tenders..etc.....So what we can derive from that is Spanco can be put in the league of Accenture,Patni, Wipro etc.....understand what I say?

  4. Yes Rajeev.
    Now I got it clearly.
    Thanks. And btw, took today position in PSL. Seems like market is going to test once patience.
    Felt bad that your decade favorite L & T didnt fall that much, as i wanted buy below 1400 level.
    Lets hope will be able to buy tomorrow. And will definitely buy Spanco ( hope before going into UC)
    With Regards,

  5. Once Excellent results are announced the good point always is stock tanks down (coz) operators would beat it down to garner more and then take it upwards later, Rajeev is so correct Spanco can be a big multi bagger with its results showing it all.
    Spanco Technical buy zone 50-55

  6. Dear Rajeev Bhai

    Please let us know ur views on the following stocks (I tumbled on them while trying to analyse few others from ur long list):

    Mah and Mah
    Nu Tek India
    Gulf Oil Corp
    Satvahana Ispat
    Lanco Industries
    Surana Corp
    Shri Lakshmi Cotsyn

  7. Wallop,
    M&M , I think it is blue chip so no view.
    Do not track Nutek,Gulf Oil has land bank as well apart from Oil business and hence looks good,Apcotex was my old call and it has already doubled, so time for PB(Profit booking)for 50%,Satvahan Ispat is looking excellent with MNC taking stake or taking over,Lanco Ind is going very cheap,Surana Corp is my old call and looks good for LT,do not track last...

  8. hi rajeev....any opinion on the overall mkts in the immediate short term??

  9. hi rajeev....any opinion on the overall mkts in the immediate short term??

  10. Deepak,
    As written the fall was aressted today.Maybe couple of 100's point s more on downside but we should bounce back....and that should be destination 18k...