Friday, January 8, 2010

Reliance MediaWorks...cmp..279.95...old Adlabs Ltd...

I like Adlabs Ltd.I like the way AnilAmbani has chartered the route of growth for Reliance Media Works.
For any Film to get released it has to go through the processing.Untill it is proccessed in a Lab there can't be any print taken out.If anyone going to theatre to see movie or try to see at own TV while putting a CD or DVD in player, one can see the title coming first.Like Actors name, Actress Name,other artist, Photograhpy by..., then Asst Dir, Asst Producer, then one can see where it is processed.....and in almost all film that one go to see, the name that comes for where the Film was processed is none other then Adlabs Ltd.....This name one should have always seen whenever they see a movie .The Producer gets changed,the Dir Gets changed,the actors get changed, the name of the film gets changed but the Lab where the Film is processed is always Adlabs Ltd......This name one will always find in any film.
3-4 yrs back Anil Ambani Media gr tookover this Co from the then owner Manmohan Shetty.ADAG gr after that has made many annoucement for making venture film which can have both of the Hollywood and Bollywood.He has also tied up with the Hollywood best director, Steven Speilberg and some of the best actors of Hollywood.
Rel MediaWorks has got its overseas distribution Co as well and latest , they have distributed Paa and 3 Idiots overseas including USA.
I today just went through the ET and a news caught my eyes which says that Rel MediaWorks is taking over a Lab in UK...

Read on:

Reliance MediaWorks acquires ilab UK
Buyout To Help Reliance Tap Entertainment Cos Looking To Outsource Production & Development
Our Bureau MUMBAI
RELIANCE MediaWorks (RMW), formerly Adlabs, has acquired the assets of ilab UK Ltd., one of only two film processing facilities operating in London’s Soho. With this acquisition, RMW has expanded and strengthened its international presence which is already spread well across the globe.
With ilab, RMW offers a dedicated film and media services facility in London, that will offer front-end, processing, restoration, 2D to 3D conversion and post-production services to broadcasters and studios. In fact, ilab has been the lab of choice for high end processing for film, television, commercial and shorts productions. “Our expansion is growing at a remarkable pace. The UK is one of the world’s leading post-production markets and now we have a presence there. Through RMW UK we would provide next generation services for the local film makers and broadcasters, while also catering to Hollywood and Hindi film businesses,” said CEO RMW, Anil Arjun.
While strengthening their services portfolio in UK, Arjun says they gain talent, experience and local learning that ilabs team brings on board. “We look forward to the creative synergies that integrating of UK operations would bring to the entire film and media services value chain that RMW has developed across continents, ” Arjun added.
RMW UK has already secured image processing and restoration work for two high profile projects from BBC at RMW’s LA-based subsidiary Lowry Digital, Hollywood’s leading film restoration expert. Lowry Digital has handled projects for leading studios like Walt Disney, Paramount Pictures, MGM and 20th Century Fox and entertainment leaders like George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. Also recently, Lowry Digital has handled the restoration of footage sent back to Earth from Apollo 11, as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of the mission for NASA.
To further enhance the synergy between the services offered by RMW across three continents, the company has established an optical fibre network, first of its kind, through Reliance Globalcom’s Ethernet Private Line. This network has already been used for close to a year for distributing digital cinema releases of Indian films from Mumbai to the US.
In the past year, ilabs has been the rushes house of choice for the majority of high-end film originated Drama Series for the BBC and offers bespoke, specialist rushes service night and day for the commercials, feature and broadcast market. Apart from tying in with RMW’s lab facility in Mumbai, it will be able to offer lab, rushes and transfer services to the many Indian films that are shot on location in London and UK each year.
Reliance MediaWorks has a dominant and comprehensive presence in Film Services: Motion Picture Processing and DI; Visual Effects; Film Restoration and Image Enhancement; Digital Mastering: Studios and Equipment rentals with facilities located at US and India.

My Comments:
At 269 , a 5 paidup stock with a high of 463 and low of 136, it is at the midway between them.I had given a call on UTv and I am giving another call in same sector RelMediaworks Ltd.I remember ADAG gr has annouced an investment of 4500 cr for making film which consist of Hollywood and Bollywood actors.....


  1. I agree with your assessment.....The expansion is taking hold, the recognition has come, many blockbusters have been produced/distributed, and it is now earning a big name in the 3D market which is going to become huge in this decade.

    We will ALL be watching movies in 3D by the middle of the decade (starting this year with Avatar is the first blockbuster), and any lab that can handle 3D is going to have a strong foothold.

    3D TVs are going to be sold in bundles in 2010, and therefore demand for these movies will grow.


  2. i agree with you kkp investor

    good to see you on this board

    as always please contribute

  3. Hi

    I am new to this blog... finding it quite informative and well written..

    Adlabs used to be a favourite pick of mine in its hay days before the global meltdown happened last year.. after that never tried this share for a a long time... good to read about some positive breakout in the share..

    Please tell me if this share can be bought for trading or will it be beneficial only an investment?

    I am a day trader/very short term investor.


    Bye.. hope to visit this blog frequently now for new updates and news..

  4. ramki,
    I do not give ST or trading calls .It is an investment call for 1-2 yrs....or more......

  5. oh...thankyou... so all ur calls are investment calls only??

    My badluck that i can't use them often in that case, nevertheless shall keep visiting your blog for various news/ideas...may be with your ideas i will become an investor soon leaving aside trading!