Thursday, January 7, 2010

Transgene Biotek tie-ups with Dr Reddy's Laboratories ....updates on Bombay Dyeing..

Here comes the news for Transgene Bio which I have been recomending since my mmb days.I have even once recomended here as well.It was not moving at all and now with this new tieup with Dr Reddy's should show some movement.Transgene has also tied up with Cuba for some other drugs which if explored will be found.....

Transgene Biotek tie-ups with Dr Reddy's Laboratories
Thursday, January 07, 2010 17:45 IST
Our Bureau, Mumbai

Transgene Biotek Ltd (TBL) has entered into a licensing and technology transfer agreement with Dr Reddy's Laboratories (DRL) for the out-licensing of a technology for the manufacture of Orlistat. Through this tieup, DRL will gain worldwide rights to a unique technology for the manufacture and commercialization of Orlistat API which was developed exclusively by TBL. The company will receive an upfront payment, additional payments for certain commercial milestones, and royalties on the sale of Orlistat API in all countries worldwide.

Orlistat is a lipase inhibitor used for obesity management that acts by preventing the absorption of fats from the human diet, thereby reducing caloric intake, and is the most studied weight loss medicine in the world, with more than 100 clinical studies, involving more than 30,000 patients. Is is used in the treatment of Obesity including management of weight loss and weight maintenance.

TBL earlier out-licensed its recombinant Hepatitis B Vaccine technology to Serum Institute of India, one of the largest vaccine producers in world.

Updates on Bombay Dyeing....:
CLSA has come out with a report for Bombay Dyeing.It says that the project for the land they owns that is coming up , the NAV is 1350/share after deducting the loss of textile unit......


  1. dear rajeevbhai

    I have this share purchased three four years back,purely purchased based on the news of their oral insulin idea,they have reached the phase 2 trials i believe,also their reserves were mind boglling,making it a good hefty bonus candidate like unitech.

    i have these share in FOC nad plan to hold on for long,they have all the potenmtial if they play the cards right and if luck smiles to become an infosys of tommorrow.

    Thanks for the update

    Your GOLDSTONE INFRATECH is on fire,i had purchased reading your comments and inbetween lines.

  2. This share gives fantastic returns when it is on the upmove,i mean it goes non stop.

    i think another 10% down it is good to buy and tehn wait patiently.

    a high rish high gain stock

  3. I have started sipping into this share,added a small token quantity today.


  4. Dear all

    i think iam the only boarder commenting here,please note one and all that this share is a high risk high gain stock,and i do own good quantity of shares and shall be ading again,below 90 if i get a chance.

    i stongly beleive that since they have started implementing what comes out of their mouth,results will prove the same and then there is no looking back.

    i had purchased on the advice of a big person in mumbai,who has accumulated in good numbers way back in 2003,ofcourse after getting convinced myself.

    mind you his figures are way too high,he says if everything falls in place rs 10000 is the rate he expects,based on earnings as well as being a debt free company with high reserves.

    They have made two good anouncements( in the past also they anounced but with no concrete results and hence it tanked from 320 to 12 rs)

    Hopefulyy i expect the results to match with their anouncements in a years time,and then if so there is no looking back.

    I paln to hold it for a decade( no seeling 100% sure) either full loss or tremoundous gain.

    Raju bhai sorry for taking so much space.

  5. Dear raju bhai

    added another 650 shares today at rs 81


    I am betting on this scrip on a very positive way,

    hope it works,since it being a very very high risk high gain stock

  6. Why is company silent on oral insulin , menangitis , JN International issue etc . Doesnt the company owe an explaination to the investors ( Only retail investors left with all the FII's quitting)